Agrarian trade fairs «Made by DLG» are created by experts in the agricultural industry.

DLG RUS is a subsidiary of DLG International GmbH and is a member of DLG – the European association of agricultural and food sectors.

Priority of our activity is the organization of specialized agricultural trade fair platforms in the Russian Federation. Our projects include trade show in the field of animal husbandry “AgroFarm” in Moscow, regional agro-industrial platforms “AgroExpoSiberia” in Barnaul and “AgroExpoVostok” in Vladivostok.

We also offer a range of services for participation in foreign DLG events in more than 20 countries. We organize visits of the agricultural trade shows worldwide, including AGRITECHNICA, the world’s No. 1 trade fair the field of agricultural machinery and technologies for crop production and EuroTier the world’s leading trade fair in the field of livestock, held in Hannover, Germany.

Taking care of client’s interests regarding the choice of the trade show at home or abroad, we provide detailed and objective information about the exhibition and the market in general and all the necessary support for your best experience. Our main goal is to create mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our customers.

The main distinctive feature of DLG RUS is exclusive specialization in the organization of trade shows of agro-industrial complex. This is facilitated by the rich experience of DLG in the field of agriculture and food for more than 130 years, as well as know-how in the organization of industry platforms and extensive international professional relations between DLG International GmbH and its subsidiaries in 10 countries.

Our trade fairs are accompanied by an extensive business program focused on the most up to date topics in the industry and taking into account the needs of the target audience – agricultural producers, producers and suppliers of machinery, equipment and technologies for livestock and crop production, and processors of animal and vegetable raw materials.

Visitors of DLG trade fairs are professionals in the agricultural sector, investors, distributors and students of agricultural educational institutions. They have an opportunity to get the most current information from leading Russian and international experts, acquire useful knowledge at practical seminars and workshops, and find new partners and suppliers of agricultural machinery, equipment, production technologies and services in the field of agro-industrial complex.

Participants of the exhibition are producers and suppliers of agricultural machinery, equipment and technologies for livestock and crop production – in turn receive a good opportunity to meet quality target audience – agricultural professionals – to promote their products and services



DLG International GmbH

DLG International is part of DLG Group and has extensive international competencies in organizing industry exhibitions, implementing various projects and providing consulting services in the field of agro-industrial complex.

DLG headquarters are located in in Frankfurt am Main. DLG has subsidiaries in Russia, China, Turkey, Italy, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Benilux and Bulgaria.

Due to many years of experience, a wide network of international experts, as well as competence in identifying topics and trends in the industry, DLG International is the leading organization for development and successful implementation of the concepts of international industry exhibitions and business events in the field of agricultural technologies, crop production, livestock and bioenergy.

The connecting link between politics, science, industry and agricultural producers are international platforms for conducting a dialogue between representatives of various interest groups in the industry. These include advising and coordinating DLG International’s projects in close cooperation with the ministries and departments of Germany and other countries

DLG e. V.

Leading European Association of Agricultural and Food Sector.

DLG brings together more than 30,000 international experts, agricultural producers, and manufacturers of machinery, and equipment and production technologies for agriculture, energy, food and processing industries, representatives of science.

The main objective of DLG is to promote scientific and technical progress – about 200 full-time employees and 3 thousand freelance experts participate in the development of solutions to the current problems of the agro-industrial complex.

The main activities of DLG:

Expert activity (information analysis, exchange of experience and dissemination of knowledge). DLG coordinates over 80 profile committees, thus acting as a liaison between representatives of science, industry, agricultural producers, processors and consumers.

Testing of agricultural machinery, equipment, production technologies. The results of tests of machinery and equipment at the own machine testing station is the most important indicator for producers, including world leaders.

Food testing in its turn is the most important DLG food product.

The creation of industry platforms in more than 20 countries is an integral part of DLG group. They include the world exhibitions AGRITECHNICA and EuroTier, DLG Field Days in Germany, etc.



October 29-31, 2019
Barnaul, Russia

International exhibition for plant production and animal husbandry

Moscow, Russia

No. 1 tradeshow for animal husbandry
and breeding in Russia

April 21-23, 2020
Vladivostok, Russia

International exhibition for plant production and animal husbandry


November 10-16, 2019
Hanover, Germany

AGRITECHNICA 2019 – World’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery

Shiraz, Iran
April 16-19, 2019

Agrotech-Agropars is the largest Iranian international exhibition of agricultural machinery, equipment for gardening, fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and water supply.

Tashkent, Uzbekistan
June 10-12, 2019

In June 2019, one of the leading exhibitions of Uzbekistan in the fields of agriculture and food industry, AgroExpo Uzbekistan / Agrotech Expo will be held in the pavilions of Uzexpocenter. This is a platform that creates optimal conditions for a long-term partnership between foreign equipment and technology manufacturers and buyers from Uzbekistan.

Medaneira, Brazil
July 23-25, 2019

International Exhibition of Livestock.
For the first time in South America.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
September 2-4, 2019

International Exhibition of Livestock.
For the first time in the Middle East.

Qingdao, China
September 19-21, 2019

International Exhibition of Livestock.
For the first time in China.